Bond issue needed for new Camp County jail

Camp County Jail

CAMP COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - November is approaching, and that means elections and bond issues for some East Texas counties.

Voters in Camp County will be casting ballots on a bond to build a new sheriff’s office.

Built in 1967, the Camp County Sheriff’s Office and the jail have only been remodeled once in 52 years.

Staff says they are in desperate need of a new facility.

The cramped spaces of the jail are a challenge for all officers there.

“We don’t have an interview room. Here they’re on a like web-based p-c camera, it’s in a small area shared by 5 other deputies and an investigator. You’ll have an inmate come through to do trash and it’s distracting,” says chief deputy Chris Clark.

“The working space and administrative areas our deputies work in is terribly outdated. The evidence storage area, we’ve outgrown that,” says Camp County judge A.J. Mason.

Built originally as a ten-bed facility, a former sheriff and his wife once lived here.

“The sheriff’s wife would cook the meals for the inmates,” Clark says.

But it's a facility that is long out of date.

With only 34 beds, Camp County taxpayers foot the bill for some inmates to be housed at jails in other counties.

“We started housing with Franklin County, we have 15 inmates over there now,” says Clark.

And every available space is being used, even the bathrooms.

A bond issue comes up in November that, if passed, would make way for an approximately 14-million dollar office and 60-to-72 bed jail facility.

"This is something that's been greatly needed for many years," Mason says.

And a new facility will ease the frustration that the current facility is causing.

"Nothing more frustrating than the jail to say we're full we can't take them right now," the chief deputy says.

Early voting in Texas begins Monday, October 21st, and will run for 2 weeks.

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