Lunchtime yoga at Longview museum rejuvenates students for rest of the day

Lunchtime yoga at Longview museum rejuvenates students for rest of the day

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Who doesn’t want a nice relaxing lunch? Well, the Longview Museum of Fine Arts has been helping out with that for well over a decade. We spoke with the instructor who has taught the class since it started 16 years ago.

Carlyn Short has been teaching yoga for nearly two decades, a couple years before she started with the Longview Museum of Fine Arts. She’s not tired of it yet, and neither are her students.

“I usually get between 10 and 20 every day. All ages, men, everybody, you know, anybody can do yoga. Real men do yoga,” Short smiled.

And real women too, like Sherri Williams who’s been doing museum yoga for about six months.

“I took from Carlyn years ago, though, and so when I heard she was here I came back,” Williams said.

Sherri says she’s not big on gyms.

“I’m not really an organized exercise person, so yoga really helps with all the things that I need,” Williams said.

It is a commitment though.

“Well you can do this for the rest of your life. Carlyn taught us that if you have lower back problems it’s most likely your hamstrings can cause that. And so I definitely have that problem so stretching for the rest of my life will help with that,” Williams explained.

Carlyn is retired, but she was working when she started teaching yoga at lunch and she found:

“When I would leave and go back to work I was always much more productive in the afternoons,” Short recalled.

And as far as doing yoga amid artistic creations:

“So you think it’s good for the soul?” I asked Carlyn.

“Absolutely, my whole everything has changed since I’ve been doing it,” she replied.

And for some it might help with inspiration.

“I’m an artist myself so it’s a great place to come,” Williams added.

They say it’s a great place to stretch your body and your mind, at pretty much the same time.

The yoga classes are held at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Class lasts about 45 minutes and is free for museum members. Anyone else can take the class for $5.

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