East Texas lake closed for repairs

Lake Gilmer closes

GILMER, Texas (KLTV) - Some East Texas fishermen are hoping work can be done in a timely fashion to reopen their favorite lake.

Lake levels are low at Lake Gilmer, and it has been closed to fishing boats over what fishermen say is repairs that the city will make to a particular part of the lake.

The boat ramps are closed and locked. Stumps have appeared all over the lake, and regular fishermen who live near its shores, are wondering when Lake Gilmer will open again.

"I've been fishing this lake ever since it was built, I noticed probably 3 or 4 years ago something was wrong with this lake," says frequent lake fisherman Billy Silvertooth.

And it won't be anytime soon that the levels will be rising.

The reason: The spillway. Repairs have to be made to it which is why the water level had to be brought down.

The Texas fishing forum reports the gates at both ramps have been closed and locked until further notice.

And the city is dropping the lake's level four to five feet for spillway repairs.

But this is prime fishing time for some.

"This lake has a great population of shad. This is fall and the fish feed, there's plenty of crappie, plenty of bass. True fisherman this is the best time of year to fish," Silvertooth says.

It could hurt local businesses.

But fishermen are now concerned with what it may do to a lake that had been a hot fishing spot.

"I don't know how much lower it's going to get. The fish are going to leave sooner or later, " says Billy.

Fishermen say they have not been given a timetable of when those repairs will be made.

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