Full Court Press: Pompeo backs Trump on Syria, distances from Giuliani

Full Court Press: Pompeo backs Trump on Syria, distances from Giuliani
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talks to Greta Van Susteren in an interview for 'Full Court Press.'

(Full Court Press/Gray News) - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Gray TV’s Greta Van Susteren this week amid Turkey’s invasion of Syria, the arrests of Rudy Giuliani’s associates and an impeachment inquiry on the president.

In an excerpt of his "Full Court Press" interview, Pompeo said Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, was "not on his payroll" when asked about the former New York mayor.

Giuliani’s name has come up in multiple investigations into Ukraine and possible misuse of foreign relations being used for personal or political gain. Trump’s suggestion to Ukraine’s president that they investigate Joe Biden and his family is central to the impeachment probe by the House.

"You’d have to ask the White House precisely what role he has with them," Pompeo said of Giuliani. "Yes, I understand that he is the president’s personal lawyer across a broad range of issues."

Pompeo also addressed Trump's decision to pull troops from northern Syria, allowing Turkey to attack U.S.-backed Kurdish forces. The Kurds helped the U.S. fight members of the terror group ISIS in the country.

CLIP: Pompeo to Greta: President Trump is not Abandoning the Kurds

Trump announced the move soon after a phone call with Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Pompeo said the president is not abandoning the Kurds and has made clear to Turkey what would be "off limits" for the U.S.

"It's absolutely the case that we understand that if there is a slaughter of the Kurds, or if there's behavior that is inconsistent with what Erdogan has promised President Trump that he will do and how (Erdogan) will engage - in ensuring that he adequately defends his country without presenting undue risk or harm - the president has said very clearly … he will use economic sanctions and all the tools of American diplomatic power to try and convince the Turks that they need to back up from the activity that they engaged in, if they should cross that line," Pompeo said.

Interview transcripts and video will be available on Sunday at FullCourtGreta.com.

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