Rusk County Electric Co-op: 1,200 customers likely impacted by planned power outage

Planned Power Outage

HENDERSON, Texas (KLTV) - Rusk County Electric Co-op has a planned power outage this weekend for roughly 1,200 customers.

The planned outage is part of the co-op’s distribution and maintenance program.

“We inspect around 6,500 poles every year, we have 68,000 poles on our distribution system, and this transmission tap point that feeds our substation of course affects a lot of our customers,” said Rhett Reid, CEO of Rusk County Electric Co-op. “And we don’t want that to go out when we don’t have it planned and scheduled and have people for a lot longer duration so we don’t want this to be an outage at all but we felt due to the safety concern and the complexity we looked at a lot of available options and felt like an outage was necessary.”

(Source: Alex Leroux)
(Source: Alex Leroux) (Source: KLTV News)

Reid said the outage is planned for a time when they’re hoping it will have the least amount of inconvenience for customers.

“We scheduled this a few months ago and, of course, couldn’t predict that we would have a cold snap. We are concerned we don’t want to inconvenience our customers,” Reid said. “We certainly don’t want them to be affected by extreme cold, due to the scheduling and the complexity of the work that’s going to be performed and the high risk of safety concerns, we felt like an outage was necessary.”

Reid said replacing the wooden poles with iron poles will reduce ongoing maintenance in the future because they won’t have to worry about rotting and decaying wood anymore.

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