Better East Texas: NBA GM’s tweet causes blowback from China

BET: NBA player's tweet causes blowback from China

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was described as having such beauty that her face launched a thousand ships - suggesting her beauty was the catalyst of the Trojan War.

It is not the same setting, but perhaps we have seen the tweet that sunk the NBA in China.

Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey recently tweeted his support of the dissidents in Hong Kong that have been rebelling against the hardline rule from China. The US has been somewhat critical of the Hong Kong situation, but not to the point of open support of the protestors.

Well, China did not receive the tweet from Morey positively and has canceled television carriage of several NBA-related events between NBA teams actually playing in China. And more punitive issues are brewing that could economically impact the Houston Rockets and even the NBA.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed regret for the impact the comments had in Hong Kong, but he also showed his support of Morey being able to speak his mind - freedom of expression. This caused an even larger response from the Chinese, expanding the impact on the league.

Politicians are shocked that the NBA would express regret. The tweet has since been deleted, which also hasn’t helped.

Ultimately, there should be no surprise here. It is similar to the Colin Kaepernick story. If you are in a prominent role in a popular industry and you express yourself, which he did as well, there are consequences. We just don’t like this one because it is another country, but make no mistake, words, actions, and tweets matter and they may just sink a ship if you are an athlete or in athletic leadership.

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