Sewer infrastructure below a popular Tyler shopping center ‘crumbling’

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Updated: Oct. 9, 2019 at 7:16 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Sewer infrastructure below a popular Tyler shopping center is crumbling, and NET Health says it’s safer for the commercial property to stay closed until repairs are made.

“They were exposed to raw sewage that had not been treated or disinfected in any way,” NET Health Environmental Health Director Ginger Points said.

Points said the original utensil backup reported on Saturday created a wormhole of plumbing issues.

“It wasn’t just one area; it was every single grease interceptor outlet that was on that building, so all of the businesses were contributing to that mess,” Points said.

Several businesses in the Broadway Market shopping center are built on top of the same sewage system, a system that NET Health says is actually crumbling below their feet.

“It is super brittle. You could pick it up with your hands and just crumble the edges, so just the age and the deteriorating sewer line underneath that building is causing a problem,” Points said.

Points said the decision to replace the entire system is up to the property manager, but Net Health believes it’s the safest option for their customers.

“Because of the volume of water that was being produced, it was running into the storm drains, which then go down the river, so it could impact the public further away than just that immediate area,” Points said.

NET Health officials said replacing the entire system could take three to five days, and there is not a set date for when the affected businesses will be back open.

The City of Tyler has put cameras in the sewer system pipes to determine the extent of the damage.

NET Health is investigating whether the raw sewage affected Tyler’s groundwater.

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