City council approves grant applications to replace Tyler buses, improve timeliness

City council approves grant applications to replace Tyler buses, improve timeliness
Tyler Transit making upgrades on buses and adjusting routes.

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Tyler City Council on Tuesday approved the process of applying for grants totaling $1.8 million that would go toward replacing multiple buses in Tyler Transit’s fleet.

According to a city spokesperson, the $1.8 million in grants basically serves as Tyler Transit’s general operating fund; meaning, the funds received by the department will be utilized to operate the transit system.

“The $1.8 million has already been awarded, and there are some other items in the application process that we need to close out to actually grab those funds from the Federal Transit Administration,” said Robert Gil, general manager of Tyler Transit.

With the grant funds, the city will purchase one large passenger bus to replace one that’s a little date, Gil explained, which will have 25 to 30 seats. Another funding source will replace two smaller, paratransit buses which seat closer to 12 to 25 passengers, Gil said.

One of the grant sources will also fund a study that will look into improving the timeliness of the bus schedule.

“That’s one of our main concerns; it’s one element to a multitude of areas,” Gil said. “We’re looking at stakeholders. We’re looking at engaging the ridership that we already do currently have and regain those that used to ride; we want to bring those back on to the bus. And, those who don’t know anything about the bus system. We’d like to get the input all the way around so we can make a fully comprehensive study on what we need to do.”

Two support vehicles will be purchased at a later date, Gil added.

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