Better East Texas: Pros and cons of paying student athletes

Better East Texas: Pros and cons of paying student athletes

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The State of California just passed a law that will potentially change the financial structure of college athletics. The law, which goes into effect in 20-23, allows for student athletes to be compensated for product endorsement and essentially make money as a college athlete in their sport.

This has been an extended point of discussion for years and California decided to force the NCAA’s hand to make a change. The reality is that colleges make millions and millions of dollars in revenue off of sports, while the student athletes don’t make anything. Student athletes do receive some scholarships but the current rules prevent them from receiving any money beyond that.

It is easy to see how this new law will be a pathway for a few to some pay but most athletes will still be on the sideline. When you think about the numbers of athletes in minor sports and those that make the team in the major sports but are not standouts, it is easy to see where this will affect only a few. And that is where this law is a swing and a miss.

Most student athletes won’t get endorsement deals resulting in the remaining students continuing to live under the old laws. If the universities are the bloated sows with all the money, then all student athletes should get a piece of that. Or, here is a novel idea, roll some of that sports-generated money into a rebate for all students to offset skyrocketing college costs. I understand that student athletes feel used and sometimes abused by the current system, but legislating opportunity for only a handful will not solve the greater problem.

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