Better East Texas: Bodycams, dashcams reveal first responders in action

BET: Bodycams, dashcams reveal first responders in action

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Law enforcement agencies have been using dash cameras to record traffic stops and other policing actions for decades – back into the 1980s. Technology has evolved and now we have bodycams, and the newest dashcams have incredible detail and information. Firefighters and other agencies have started using them as well.

These recording devices were met with mixed feelings early on, but they have proven to be vital in showing our first responders in action. This technology is most impactful when it captures our first responders using their training and judgment and saving lives. Recently, when a tanker truck flipped over the side of the largest overpass in Lufkin, first responders moved into action. It was unknown to the police units that arrived first if the cargo was flammable or not, and you hear that on the video. Officers were cautious but once they heard the screams of the driver of the truck who was pinned in the wreckage that plunged several stories, they acted. They knew at that point they had to move to save lives regardless of potential threat they were facing.

And the Lufkin police officers did act. They pulled the driver from the wreckage, again, not knowing what the tanker had been carrying. There have been other videos of other traffic accidents were first responders have been seen on camera saving lives. So, the introduction of body cameras and dash cameras may have been met with mixed emotion but they have truly captured these public servants in action, risking their lives to save others. We should all be grateful for their actions in situations like that, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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