Samaritan Aviation CEO lands in East Texas to speak to LETU aviation students

Updated: Oct. 2, 2019 at 10:47 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - A float-plane made its way to an East Texas airport, destined for a mission of mercy to a remote Pacific island.

Part of Samaritan Aviation, it will join others in emergency medical flights to remote areas of Papua New Guinea in the pacific.

Arriving at East Texas regional, a Samaritan Aviation float-plane, one of three aircraft from the non-profit company that does remarkable work, half a world away.

“Most Americans don’t know where Papua, New Guinea is. It’s north of Australia. We’re able to come in with a seaplane, and pick up patients that are suffering from obstructed birth. Dealing with snakebites, crocodile bites, tribal fighting is still going in there,” says Samaritan Aviation CEO Mark Palm.

Palm worked 10 years before he could make humanitarian flights into primitive areas where people desperately needed it.

"80 percent of the people live in very remote isolated areas, and that's where we come in," says Palm.

He bought his first used float plane, and transformed it into a flying ambulance and transport. It’s literally a lifesaver to thousands.

“We’ve flown over 1250 patients now. We also have delivered 170,000 pounds of medical supplies,” Mark says.

His team answers emergency calls from villagers, flying them to the only hospital in the region.

“We’re a lifeline to those people who have critical emergencies. Many are three to four days away from the only hospital. We believe that God values all humans on Earth, and those people deserve a chance at life,” Palm says.

Palm will be speaking to aviation students at LeTourneau University about his work with Samaritan Aviation.

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