Better East Texas: Preventing school violence

Better East Texas: Preventing school violence

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - As we wait for elected officials to try to comprehensively tackle the issue of gun violence, time slowly marches on and other topics grab the headlines and discussion boards. We have seen some individual companies try to address these needs, but they are largely actions to revise their retail selling habits.

However, a non-profit foundation, born out of one of the school shooting tragedies has a program that outlines how students and educators and parents can take action. It is the Sandy Hook Foundation, named after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy back in 20-12. At its core is the Sandy Hook Promise that you can commit to and use the resources associated with to see the early signs of violence against self and others.

There is a public service announcement that is getting the most attention that shows kids in a school showing off back to school products when the tone turns dark – very dark and then the message of – it’s back to school, you know what that means. The cause is truly top shelf, but using students portrayed in an active shooting situation can’t be the tip of the spear for this campaign.

This message needs to start at home with parents and then students observing potential harmful behavior. It may not make the best TV, but the message has to be prevention. It is unbelievable that we have causes like this but, sadly, they are needed to educate and activate while politicians vacillate. The website is sandy-hook-promise dot org and is worth checking out. Preventing one action of school violence is worth it and makes for a Better East Texas.

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