Longview rescue group returns from flood relief efforts

Longview rescue group returns from flood relief efforts

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas rescue group continues to work with the ‘Cajun Navy’ in flooded areas of South Texas, helping rescue and feed those caught in the flood-waters.

The East Texas non-profit group 'Rescue the Universe' out of Longview is helping in the aftermath of 'Imelda'.

For the past three days, Ryan Nichols and the group has been working with the Cajun Navy to help flood victims in Jefferson County.

"It is real humid out here right now. All this water and heat coming together. We've been helping everybody we could out here. We helped rescue some horses, rescued some donkeys, got some dogs out, got a lot of people out," Nichols says.

Already having affected several rescues, the group ran into stranded motorists on I-10 near Beaumont, many of whom had been stuck in the flooded area for two days.

“I-10 is closed down, there’s water up there, there’s people trapped up here on the bridge, there’s water on both sides of the bridge,” Ryan says.

“These people have not had anything to eat or drink for two days,” said one area resident.

When storms like this happen, Nichols leaves his Longview wholesale business behind for his wife and employees to run, while he goes on his personal mission.

"We are putting a lot of groceries together here taking down to I-10. A lot of hungry families down at I-10. We have guys going up and down, feeding, anyone who wants food," he says.

They went a block at a time into water ravaged neighborhoods. helping anywhere they could.

Ryan and the rest of the team finished their efforts with the Cajun Navy and headed home to East Texas.

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