Local volunteers prepare to help down south with Texas Baptist Men

Local volunteers prepare to help down south with Texas Baptist Men
Local TBM volunteers are ready to help down south. (Source: KLTV)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Local volunteers with the Texas Baptist Men (TBM) are ready to help those affected by all the rain that came with Imelda.

The Texas Baptist Men are a volunteer disaster relief organization and Al Nilson is a volunteer in Lindale.

“There’s all kinds of special groups with Texas Baptist Men and I’m on the feeding teams,” said Nilson. “We have three types of teams — feed volunteers; the volunteer groups that are chainsaws, cleanups, tree removal, heavy equipment — those volunteers need to be fed, so that’s one team, feed the volunteers. There’s another that’s mass feeding; where you feed people in shelters or standing around at a football stadium, wherever they have them sheltered. The third is rapid response; which was designed to follow Texas Task Force One.”

Nilson and other local volunteers are on standby to help with relief down south from Imelda and will be leaving on Sunday.

John Halls — a spokesperson for TBM — said the feed teams will be heading to the Beaumont area and will be feeding between 10,000-15,000 meals a day.

“The main thing we can do for the volunteers is feed them‚” said Nilson. “You can’t really offer much hope if they’re hungry, and you can’t really let your light of Jesus in you shine to someone that’s hungry. They can’t see that, they’ve got a priority, they’ve got to have food. So, that’s what we do and we try to have a smiling face and we listen to their stories and encourage them to talk.”

Nilson said he’s made volunteering a priority in his life because it’s his way to serve the Lord and others.

Halls also says volunteers from Dallas and East Texas will be staying to help as long as they are needed.

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