WEBXTRA: FDA advisory committee recommends approval of drug that could reduce severity of peanut allergies

WEBXTRA: FDA advisory committee approves drug to help reduce severity of peanut allergies

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration’s Allergenic Products Advisory Committee voted 7 to 2 in favor of approving Palforzia, a standardized peanut powder product, to help reduce allergic reactions to peanuts for patients aged 4 to 17 as part of oral immunotherapy protocol.

This is not used so that people who are allergic may eat peanut products regularly, but for emergency purposes only. If someone allergic to peanuts accidentally ate a peanut product, their reaction could be far less severe.

KLTV’s Brenna Burger spoke with an allergist in Tyler who says children begin with small doses of peanut protein to build up their immune system, then the dosage gets larger and larger until they are taking a dosage equivalent to two peanuts a day.

The treatment should never done outside the supervision of a doctor.

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