Longview man helping with flood rescue efforts in southeast Texas

Former Marine dedicated to helping storm victims

East Texan In Beaumont

BEAUMONT, TEXAS (KLTV) - As flooding continues in southeast Texas, a Longview man is among the many who are rescuing flood victims.

In a video posted on Facebook, Ryan Nichols could be seen driving through high water in Vidor, Texas on his way to help with the rescue efforts.

“This is place is underwater,” Nichols said. “We’ve been told there are over 1,000 rescue tickets right now. Water is in the homes and it’s rising”

Nichols is in southeast Texas with his boat and fellow rescuers to help those who are caught in the rising water. He compared some of the storm’s effects to those during Hurricane Harvey.

“Many areas are impassable,” Nichols said. “And it looks like this storm is just back-built all the way and is pushing into Beaumont.”

Nichols is no stranger to situations like this. He was in Houston during Hurricane Harvey and dedicated his life from that moment on to helping storm victims. He’s a former Marine who was recognized on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show after drove 18 hours to rescue people and animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

One of his rescues on Thursday included some special needs children, according to his most recent Facebook Live update.

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