East Texas nursing home closing doors, forcing residents to find a new home

Nursing home closing doors, forcing residents to find a new home

JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas nursing home is closing its doors for good, forcing residents to find a new home.

Coryell Healthcare says financial instability has forced the closure of the Gardendale Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville.

“I think it is very dirty and I think it is illegal,” Gardendale resident Barbara Horn says. Horn moved into the Gardendale Rehabilitation Center in May after she became paralyzed.

“I told them I was going nowhere except the Jacksonville nursing home because my family is here and they are all I have,” Horn says.

Horn’s nephew, John Roper, says he was informed two days ago, on September 15, that his aunt needed to move out of the facility as soon as possible.

“The family was concerned that she would get shifted off after being told at one point that she would be sent off by Monday so that she didn’t get moved without the family knowing, and not knowing where she was going, I slept in her wheelchair all night with her,” Barbara’s nephew John Roper says.

Gardendale released a statement on social media saying the license holders of the facility, Coryell, was relinquishing their Medicare certification and surrendering their operating license.

As residents scramble to find a new home, they are concerned for employees who are also affected.

“It’s not fair for those people; luckily I was one of the lucky ones who had a place available to us,” resident family member John Cole says.

Coryell Healthcare released a statement about the closure saying in part: “Coryell regrets that it has become necessary to close the facility and appreciates the continued hard work of the Gardendale staff during this difficult time.”

Residents say they must be out of the facility by November 25.

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