Tyler woman starting family meals to-go business

Tyler woman starting family meals to-go business
The Dinner Table will offer frozen family meals to-go. (Source: Sherri Lamb)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A Tyler woman who has spent the majority of her life in the insurance business is now taking the steps to join the food industry.

Sherri Lamb said The Dinner Table will offer frozen one-pot meals that can feed a whole family at fast-food prices.

“We’ll have casseroles and crock-pot meals and food you can put on the stovetop,” Lamb said.

The Dinner Table will be located at 4730 South Broadway Ave. next to Dressin Gaudy.

Lamb said she will offer meal sizes of small, medium and large. Smalls can feed up to four people and larges can feed up to eight. She said a family of four could be fed for between $18 and $25.

“So it’ll be around a fast-food price, but better quality food,” Lamb said.

Lamb said she was the co-owner of Exploration Insurance Group, but after the company was sold, she decided to pursue a new venture.

Customers will have several options to receive their meals.

“We’ll have a website up so they can order online,” Lamb said. “We’ll also deliver around the Tyler area or people can call their orders in or just come by and pick out what they want.”

The city of Tyler issued a building permit for The Dinner Table on Friday. Lamb said she is looking to open in mid-November.

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