Bo Pilgrim’s ‘Cluckingham Palace’ going up for auction

Bo Pilgrim’s ‘Cluckingham Palace’ going up for auction

CAMP COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - You may have driven by it and wondered what it looked like inside; now that it’s up for sale, we can take a look at Bo Pilgrim’s Mansion.

I have never seen the gates swing open before, nor had a good look at the front of the house that chicken built, but it happened: I was invited in to take a look at Bo Pilgrim’s mansion by Bo Pilgrim’s grandson Clayton Pilgrim and Matt Kreston of Concierge Auctions.

“This is a legacy type property. This is something that goes on to another family; to someone that can really cherish it and use it,” Pilgrim said.

Since Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim and his wife Patty passed away, it wasn’t getting much use.

“We’ve done a lot of work on it recently; a lot of renovations and paint and new air conditioning units. All that cool stuff, and we’ve got it ready to sell,” Pilgrim stated.

All the cool stuff that was already in the three-story home is over 18,000 feet of living space, six bedrooms, ten and a half baths, including a men’s and women’s by the pool, the pool; which is indoor and large, and plenty of marble and granite decor.

“They put the design kind of like twentieth-century French Chateau style home, and they really like that style, you can see, and it’s forever. It never goes away. It’s not something that goes in and out of style. It’s always in style,” Pilgrim said.

Richard Drummond Davis was the architect of the 1992 home and pretty much every room has a view of the grounds.

“You can look out, you can see a good ways from everywhere, even in the elevator. You have a view in the elevator,” Pilgrim revealed.

Well, not in the service elevator. But by using Concierge Auctions, Matt feels it opens up the sale worldwide since it appeals to:

“People looking for something at the right price. As long as you’re a qualified bidder, you should be in the auction. It’s as simple as that,” Kreston said.

Qualifying involves a $100,000 deposit which is refundable of course.

“Since ’92 we’ve had every Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day; we’ve had several family events here,” Pilgrim added.

And the Pilgrim family would like to see that tradition continue with the new owners of “Pilgrim’s Pride”.

Bidding opens October 15 at 5 pm Eastern Daylight Time. The deadline for signing up at Concierge Auctions is October 14.

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