East Texas vape store employees weigh in on potential ban on e-cigarette flavors

Local vape store employees weigh-in on potential ban on e-cigarette flavors

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - President Donald Trump announced Monday afternoon that his administration is planning to propose a ban on flavors used in e-cigarettes.

“I really feel like it just hurts us as a business trying to help people quit smoking,” said Britton Grisson, an employee at Uptown Vapor Lounge.

President Trump said the proposal is an attempt to combat underage vaping.

“I think that a lot of the lung issues, that it looks like the younger generation is getting, has a lot to do with the salt nic devices, the pods,” said Julia Hathaway, an employee at Vapor Galleria. “That has 25-50 milligrams of nicotine in it and the disposables; one little disposable is the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes.”

“I don’t think they realize what it is they’re putting in their lungs because the salt nic is not supposed to be done long term,” said Shayne Rinehart, the manager at Vapor Galleria. “It’s used for three-four months to get a heavy smoker to transition from cigarettes to e-liquids and then you step them down to the regular e-liquid and keep stepping them down to zero until they are nicotine free.”

Employees at Vapor Galleria in Tyler say instead of banning flavors for everyone, the focus should be on educating young users.

“I think a bigger part of the battle would be seriously educating young children on the differences in products and the health effects of them and longterm use effects, as well,” said Rinehart. “Everybody knows about the health risk with cigarettes, so vaping is supposed to be healthier, but this is where the misconception comes in, I think with teens — it’s healthier, but not healthy. Putting anything in your lungs that does not belong there is not healthy. I don’t think they’re being educated properly on the products that are out.”

The president’s proposed ban will only apply to nicotine vaping products and it will take several weeks to develop the restrictions — which will be subject to public input before taking effect.

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