East Texas fire academy holds 9-11 observance

East Texas fire academy holds 9-11 observance

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - Another remembrance was held to educate the next generation of firefighters on 9-11.

Cadets at the C were part of a 9-11 observance as told by firefighters as they were watching what happened at the Twin Towers that day.

A pictoral tribute to that day was shown, and many of the cadets, some of whom were not even born when 9-11 happened, were visible shaken by the images.

The cadets were asked to keep the memory of the 343 firefighters that died that day as part of their lives to serve.

"It was hard to watch, but we need to remember the ones that didn't make it back home, the 343 that gave their lives," said cadet Chloe Goff.

“We honor the 343 firemen who never took a step back, they went forward. Going into the towers like they did, they knew there was grave danger,” said academy head instructor Mike Fennell.

Fennell was also a participant at the 9-11 ladder climb in Dallas.

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