Tyler teen hospitalized with pnemonia due to vaping

Medical experts warn about risks of vaping

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - A Tyler teenager is in critical condition at a Dallas hospital, diagnosed with severe pneumonia due to vaping.

Witney Livingston’s mother Jennifer Audas says her daughter is currently on a ventilator to help her breathe.

KDFW reported the news Tuesday.

We’re told Witney first began to show signs of illness several weeks ago. When the family recently went back to urgent care, doctors discovered both of Witney’s lungs were infected with pneumonia. The doctor told her mother it was unlike anything he’d ever seen.

“She had told me she was smoking cigarettes, and I thought it was safe to smoke something else that was more vape," Audas said. "You know, you think cigarettes, you’re gonna get cancer, so this is much healthier, that this is a health thing because that’s how it’s portrayed. And, so she started doing that. She’s probably vaped for about two years, and this came on this fast.”

Please share this!! Yesterday our daughter Witney Livingston was admitted to Children’s in Dallas with severe pneumonia...

Posted by Jennifer Perry Audas on Sunday, September 1, 2019

Cases like this are why doctors in East Texas are sending an urgent warning. KLTV spoke with a lung doctor at CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic in Tyler who says the hospital is seeing more people with symptoms from vaping.

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