KLTV ASB Player of the Week 1: Jayton Moffat

KLTV ASB Player of the Week 1: Jayton Moffat

VAN, TEXAS (KLTV) - Meet the north division’s first ASB Red Zone Player of the Week: Jayton Moffat.

And did he have a busy Friday night in Alvarado five touchdown passes 18 of 24 for 273 yards--oh and for good measure he used legs eight times to gain 40 he explains why the offense was clicking in that 34-24 win

“We knew going in we were going to have to throw the ball well, at a high percentage. So going in, we knew we were going to have to make plays in the passing game. So [in the] first quarter, we were able to go out make some big plays," said Jayton. “Our receivers made some great plays. So passing the ball, we got the tone set for the game. I think that was the key, throwing and passing for sure.”

Moffatt likes video games in his free time but, he’s also pretty good about film breakdown of opponents and analyzing his own game.

“So here we’re throwing under. Basically this guy up here is running a flag, this guy’s on a short route. Same thing watching this guy. As soon as I see him take the receiver down here, same thing I’m throwing it up to Hunter. He’s in my grade he and I are great friends so we throw and catch the ball really well together.”

Jayton is the son of Van’s head coach, Jared Moffat. While playing for your own dad has its ups and down, he says the two of them are very close.

“I like it. It’s difficult sometimes playing for your dad. People always think it’s real tough or real hard but, really and truly, we get along really good and I love playing for him. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Jayton.

“I’ve told a lot of kids over the years during football season, that I spend more time with you guys than I do my own kids," said Jared. "And with Jayton playing for me, I’m actually spending more time with my kid then somebody else’s. So it’s been a great experience, he’s a great kid. Like he said there’s some ups and downs, there always are, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s been a lot of fun”

Salute to Jayton Moffatt, this week’s ASB Red Zone Player of the Week!

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