The Brook Hill School breaks ground on new turf baseball field

The Brook Hill School breaks ground on new turf baseball field
The Brook Hill School in Bullard broke ground on its new turf baseball field Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019. (Arthur Clayborn/KLTV Photojournalist)

BULLARD, Texas (KLTV) - The Brook Hill School in Bullard has started construction on its new turf baseball field.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Wednesday morning. Athletic Director Wally Dawkins said the decision to move to an all-turf field made the most sense.

“Last spring was particularly wet, and we had a decision to make whether we were going to put in a new grass field or turf it,” Dawkins said. “Turfing the field just made a lot more sense, and we’re so excited about having a turf baseball field in East Texas.”

Jerry Courtney is the new head baseball coach at Brook Hill. He said the decision to turf the field shows Brook Hill see baseball as an important part of the school.

“I wanted to be at a school where there was a true emphasis on baseball. Not just within the baseball community itself, but the entire school, the entire administration, and the entire community was really behind it and really wanted it to do well, and there was a true concern for having a topnotch facility,” Courtney said.

Dawkins pointed to the success the Brook Hill baseball program has had over the years.

"Three state championships — 2010, ’11 and ’12 and one back in the early 2000s. We were in the state semi-finals two years ago. Baseball is a big sport here,” Dawkins said. “We think by building a turf field, it’ll not only cause our baseball players to take more pride in the program, it’ll cause people to look at coming to Brook Hill to play baseball because everybody likes to play on a turf field.”

Dawkins said having a turf field also gives Brook Hill an advantage in that schools with grass fields may choose their field for games that get rained. He also hopes the turf field helps to make Brook Hill a site for tournaments.

Another advantage to having a turf field is easier maintenance, according to Courtney.

“I’m sure they’re (the players) happy about not lugging around rakes and trying to dry out dirt on rainy days or fixing the mounds or anything like that,” Courtney said. “The field maintenance is pretty simple and something a one-man crew can do.”

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