Longview Lobos to debut new stadium tunnel in game against Lufkin

WEBXTRA: Longview ISD shows off new Lobos game tunnel

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - When the Lobos hit the field for play the first time since their state win, they will be going in in championship style.

They say the old Lobo’s tunnel was a bit cramped for a bunch of football players, and they just needed something grander after their state win in 2018. Tracey Goram-Welch and Jo Carol Cox, along with other Lobo Boosters run the Lobo Store at Longview High School which made the tunnel happen.

“We had our fingers crossed that after a really successful season that we could buy all the needed cleats and the new pads and the new helmets that are necessities for the team, but then also have a little something extra left over for a tunnel. We’re glad that we did,” Carol Cox said.

Tracey said Coach King had a big say in the tunnel and there were a lot of choices.

“You can get ginormous tunnels; huge tall. But then you have to worry about wind and just the logistics of dragging it out, putting it away. And again, we don’t need a lot to distract from the team; they speak for themselves, so we just went with classic,” Goram-Welch stated.

Well some of the coaches were nice enough to inflate the two piece tunnel for me in the East Texas Heat, and I’m told it’s only the second time it’s been set up. And looking at it, well:

“It’s big,” I observed.

“Yes, it’s very big. We didn’t want the same sized tunnel because we have a lot of players and we have a lot of big players. So we needed to have a really big tunnel. So Coach King approved it and we’re super excited,” Carol Cox said.

These tunnels aren’t exactly cheap, so were they surprised there was enough money to purchase regular helmets and one gynormous one?

“Actually I’m not surprised at all. I mean we have a great fan base. I knew that they love our team, and they’re going to do anything they can to support them,” Goram-Welch added.

And I guess this is proof that after last year, the Lobos have a big helmet to fill.

The Lobo Boosters say the last tunnel was used for about five years, but expect this one will be around a little longer.

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