First Baptist Church Whitehouse celebrates 150 years of service

Whitehouse First Baptist Church Celebrates 150 Years

WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KLTV) - Back in 1869, a group of 12 families built a church called the New Hope Church in East Texas. Thousands of members later, and several buildings since, that church is now called First Baptist Church Whitehouse.

Edith Brewer, Sunday School teacher and member of 38 years, dove into the history of the church as it prepares to celebrate 150 years.

“There were about 12 families that got together and prayed and decided we needed a church here,” Brewer said. “This is the log cabin with the two doors and the 2 windows on the side.”

The celebration will include a glance back in time, including photos and books detailing the church’s earliest days.

“These are minutes from the first very beginning of the church and if you’ll notice that most of them are written in pencil and then also they would have list of all the members,” Brewer explained. “And back in those days if a member didn’t behave they were dismissed from the church.”

First Baptist Church Whitehouse will hold a celebration marking its 150th year of service. The celebration will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday, Sept. 8 in the FBC Whitehouse sanctuary. Organizers said the public is invited to attend.

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