U.S. Census Bureau to open regional office, hire thousands of East Texans

Census Hires East Texans

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The U.S. Census Bureau is looking to hire about 4,000 East Texans for the 2020 Census.

“We need everyone to apply,” said Deputy Regional Director Dennis Johnson. “Whether you’re looking for work or not.”

Johnson calls the U.S. Census, a fundamental part of our nation.

“Back in 1790, when the first Census was taken, the leaders of the country knew at that point, they couldn’t really have equal representation and power across the country without knowing how many people and where they were," Johnson said.

And come next year, the Census returns for the 23rd time in history. And so does the need for workers to help before, during, and after.

“We’ll be hiring somewhere around the neighborhood of 4,000 people just in northeast Texas alone,” Johnson said.

He says that those jobs will range from people in the field to office workers at a regional office near downtown Tyler.

“Some of the positions are part time. They can work around other jobs, they can work in with other part-time jobs. Homemakers, retirees, students,” Johnson said.

He added that this time around, people have the opportunity to respond on their own time, and smart devices in the field will help speed up the work flow.

“The vast majority of those workers will actually be working in their own neighborhoods. They’ll be going to various households in the neighborhoods and asking them to complete the census,” he said. “We need everybody from every community to think about that and help out by playing.”

A regional office will soon open in the shopping center at the corner of Beckham and Front Streets in Tyler to serve our region from McKinney to Texarkana and Paris to Conroe.

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