Red Raiders look to make big jump

Robert E Lee looking to improve after a disappointing 2018 season

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The road to being a force on the football landscape for Robert E. Lee begins Friday night when they travel to play a Marshall team that is stacked.

“Big strong physical on the defensive line, they’re young on the offensive line, too, they are returning two returners but their quarterback’s a dude, man. He is a dued, and they have a receiver out there that’s a dude, too," Coach Kurt Traylor said.

Coach Kurt Traylor wants his team to have a tough and physical approach to the season. Wanting his team to finish the play, hit first and when hit, strike back. That’ll be necessary against the Mavericks, back-to-back district champs. And there’s the subject of ball control. If you ain’t got it you can’t do anything without it.

“Protecting the football is everything. The game of football is still about the football, whoever protects the ball you gonna own the ball game. Whoever has the least amount of turnovers is going to win the game. Statistically it’s pretty high. so you got to. Every day we work ball security. It’s on defense, too, when we work on tackling drills we work on ball coverage. We’re talking about ball security,” Traylor said.

The Red Raiders have a challenge on their hands opening the 2019 season on the road. Success Friday night could go a long way toward setting the tone for the rest of the season.

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