Living a Legacy: East Texas fire chief’s son graduates fire academy

Sabine Fire Chief Son

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A new group of cadets will graduate from the fire academy at Kilgore College tonight, and among those graduating is a second-generation firefighter who surprised his father by following in his footsteps.

As the 107th class of cadets prepares to graduate, a particular cadet is of interest to Sabine Volunteer Fire Department Chief Richard Sisk: his son, Colin Sisk.

“It feels great. It feels amazing. I feel real accomplished that I’ve gotten through,” Colin said.

Richard has been chief at Sabine for seven years, and said Colin had never given any indication that he wanted to be a firefighter.

“When he got close to graduation, he said he was interested in the fire academy and really surprised me,” Richard said.

“He was excited; really excited,” Colin said.

For lead instructor Mike Fennell, it was an encouragement to see a legacy come in.

“It’s always good to see fathers who I know have gone through this class and then, 18 to 19 years later, their sons. It’s about family; it’s about tradition,” Fennell said.

Colin had a simple reason for becoming a firefighter.

“I realized how much my dad loved his job and serving his community, and I wanted to do the same thing,” Colin said.

They have gone through the rigorous training that their job of saving lives and property will require.

However, for Richard, it’s a matter of a father’s pride in his son.

“To see a young man step up and go into the same field and serve and protect the community. As a father to see my son follow in my footsteps is really exciting,” Richard said.

Colin is going to EMT school next Friday. He hopes to go on to join an area fire department.

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