New shop coming to Kilgore will sell stringed instruments, give music lessons

String Music Opening

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - You often can’t see who’s pulling the strings, but whoever is playing the strings, well, that person usually wants to be seen. And there is a new business coming into downtown Kilgore that hopes to help with just that.

If you know where the Texan Theater in downtown Kilgore is, well you can find the stringed instruments across the street.

Double Bass Maker Mitch Moehring, and his wife Casey, and Tristan Roberts, along with his wife Shannon are all part of Robert’s Violin Studio and Mitch Moehring’s Strings.

They sort of pooled their love for things stringed and created a business.

‘I have been making instruments for four years, but I’ve been repairing instruments for around 10 years. I had been doing this in my garage and my home shop and it had been taking over. Every closet was full of instruments,” Moehring said.

Meanwhile Tristan and Shannon’s teaching was becoming too much.

“Initially it was the East Texas Children’s Orchestra, and it outgrew the living room, then it outgrew; there was another venue we used and it outgrew that,” Roberts said.

So when everyone’s in the same building at the same time a budding orchestra will play, and if an instrument needs a string, well, that can be repaired on the spot.

And even if someone needs a brand new bass:

“But they take three months to make, so,” Moehring revealed.

So, if waiting, that musician might be out of the pit for a while. The guys play together on occasion and have known each other since college. But it was Tristan’s wife Shannon who jumped on the band wagon, or into the orchestra pit, with Mitch.

“She said, you know I’d really like to get my home studio and my private school orchestra out of the house as well,” Moehring recalled.

They found the shop in Kilgore.

“I knew I needed shop space away from the public, with all the sharp tools and heavy machinery. And so we decided she would teach her big group classes out of the front here, and I would do all the bass making and instrument repairs in the back,” Moehring added.

This is the kind of business where they do want strings attached. And by the way, if there’s any trouble at the shop, Tristan’s full time job is as a licensed police officer.

The shop’s grand opening is Friday, Aug. 30 from 4 to 7 p.m.

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