Staff create art, positive messages in bathrooms at Pittsburg Elementary School

Staff create art, positive messages in bathrooms at Pittsburg Elementary School

PITTSBURG, Texas (KLTV) - The concept was for a team building exercise, but it was also something that students would take a little pride in, and it turns out they do.

We visit Pittsburg Elementary School where teachers and parents have turned the restrooms into works of art.

There is plenty of restroom users at Pittsburg Elementary school, so Principal Terri Brown decided why not make them a more pleasant place to go?

“Kindness is a big thing for us to talk about and to be kind to one another and take pride in their school. Anything we can do to promote that; anything positive is always a win for kids,” Brown said.

WEBXTRA: Staff create art, positive messages in bathrooms at Pittsburg Elementary School

And the kids do take pride in these creatively decorated restrooms. They have kept them very clean. Mary Ruth Townsend teaches math and writing and says teams were each assigned a bathroom to decorate.

“We re-did it and made it special. Some teams had girl’s bathrooms, some had boys. We happen to have a girl’s bathroom and I was happy,” Townsend said.

The students love the restrooms, but this was partly to get to know co workers since the teams were from different grades.

“A second grade teacher may not know a fourth grade teacher, so by doing an activity like this they were interacting with each other and getting to know each other, and building relationships with each other and finding what they have in common or not in common,” Brown explained.

And the thinking was: since classrooms tend to be thematic these days, why not restrooms?

“Some children might not have beautiful restrooms at home, or be used to having things look special. So that was our goal when we went into every bathroom was to create a place where they felt special when they walked in,” Townsend stated.

Mary Ruth’s restroom had a Paris theme, and took a student in for her first visit.

“The first thing she did was walk over to the little parlor chair and sit down and cross her legs, so that told me she felt special. She felt like a lady,” Townsend revealed.

So Principal Brown’s thinking was team building, and making the students feel important. Of course a side effect could be longer bathroom stays, but it’s still a big score.

The teacher-parent teams reworked a dozen bathrooms, spending a few days on each one. They say it turned out to be a good experience and they made new friends in the process.

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