Coach Traylor says ‘effort, ball security’ are non-negotiable in football

Coach Traylor says ‘effort, ball security’ are non-negotiable in football

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The dog days of summer only applies to everyone else, not high school football players who report to camp ready for a grueling season.

Robert E Lee’s Kurt Traylor makes it clear to his squad that now is the time to put it together; they’re not a light switch where you can just turn it on. He says there are at least two elements he wants to get across to his Red Raiders.

“I will say those two are non-negotiable, is effort and ball security. You preach those things... I’m not a big guy that’s going to stay after to condition after practice, so we’re going to condition during practice. We really preach play to the echo of the whistle, preach catch the ball give me the 5 yards of burst.”

Five yards of burst; in other words, practice how you want to play. But there’s also a potential distraction in this microwave society of wanting the rewards now, and Coach Traylor down plays that in camp.

“I know this: when my mom makes homemade macaroni and cheese, it takes awhile, and it’s a heckuva a lot better than that instant stuff. Homemade mashed potatoes versus that instant mashed potatoes. I talk about all the time to them focus on the foundation, focus on the roots here, don’t focus on if the fruits right now don’t come.”

And who knows, if the Red Raiders turn their season around, maybe coach will invite them over to eat his mother’s macaroni and cheese.

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