Tyler Main Street director talks about proposed changes to downtown parking meters

Parking Proposal

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - The City of Tyler’s proposed budget is calling for new parking meters that would allow drivers to use cash, cards, and even an app-related function. The new meters will also come along with an increase in the price to park.

“You’ve probably noticed that they’re very old-style machines that you literally have to carry a hand full of change if you want to come downtown for a couple of hours,” said Tyler Main Street Director Amber Rojas Varona.

But the City’s proposed budget for the upcoming year might lead to fewer coins and more swipes or maybe even app downloads.

"We’ve heard the voices of the public, we’ve heard the concerns of business owners as well, saying people really want to come downtown, but some are a little pushed off because it’s only coin operated.”

And that’s why the City’s proposed budget sets aside $116,000 for new and improved meters that will allow you to use not only coins, but cash, cards, and even an app on your phone.

“So you’ll be able to just pull up the app and extend it to one hour or two hours and just a push a button,” Varona said.

But with the new convenience, there is an increase in the price to park. Right now, $0.50 cents gets you an hour of parking. With the new meters that price would double to $1 for one hour.

"From 50 cents to a dollar it won’t really make a dramatic impact because it’s still only two dollars for two hours and you have all those different options to make a payment,” she said.

The City says the cost of citations would remain the same. They plan on testing about 30 of the new meters within the next four to six weeks on the interior portion of the downtown square. That trial period comes at no cost to the city.

Once the budget is approved and the contract is signed, the meters will likely roll out within four to six weeks


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