WEBXTRA: Longview’s House of Hope asking for donations to help women in need

WEBXTRA: Longview's House of Hope

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Like many other shelters in East Texas who are dealing with influxes of clients because of the summer heat, Longview’s House of Hope is above capacity and in need of donations.

Helen Johnson, the director of the House of Hope, said because of the heat, women are literally coming in out of the woods, where they have been sleeping in tents. Some of these women are currently staying at the House of Hope, and others just come in for lunch, Johnson said.

With all the women that the facility is helping at this time, its resources are dwindling. Johnson people can help by donating bottled water that women can take with them when they go job hunting to or government/doctor appointments.

Johnson said the House of Hope could also use food donations, so they can make snacks or lunches for the women going to school. She added they have several women going to Kilgore College to get their GED certificates.

Bus tickets are needed as well, Johnson said. She said that many homeless people don’t have vehicles, so they have to walk or rely on public transportation.

Because a young child is staying at the shelter with his or her mother, the House of Hope could also use donations of diapers for toddlers, snacks, toys, and money that can be used for daycare expenses.

Johnson said that all 21 of their bunk beds are being used at this time. As more women come in, they bring in air mattresses. The air mattresses are also being used for the women who are physically unable to climb up to a top bunk, Johnson said.

“It’s a mess, but we’re getting along by the grace of God,” Johnson said.

The facility also could use donations of bath towels and bed linens.

Johnson said people may physically bring donations to the shelter, which is located at 3011 W. Marshall Avenue in Longview. There is also a donate button on the House of Hope website.

According to the facility’s website, House of Hope is a faith-based program dedicated to helping women from all walks of life.

“House of Hope provides and operates a safe house for women in need of emergency and residential shelter,” the website states.

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