Better East Texas: ‘Debate-palooza’ underway

BET: Debate-palooza underway

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - With the 2020 political cycle in full swing, already – yes, more than a year from the election - we see President Trump continuing his political rallies taking shots at some of the democratic front runners. These events will certainly become more substance-filled over time and as the democratic field narrows. But personal attacks will probably amp up as well.

On the democratic side, we have all lived through only two of a planned 12 debates between now and April of next year. The democratic field is very slowly reducing but until it gets down to three or four candidates, it will be near impossible to truly get a read on the individual candidate platforms. It seems like just about everyone on the stage raises their hands when asked general questions on healthcare and immigration topics. So, the democratic exercise is as much as an occasional long shot getting a slight lift and the established fronts runners surviving.

This political process has changed dramatically in just a few years and the current process looks more like a foreign country than America as far as the number of candidates and the prolonged trail that leads to the eventual final candidates. We saw this in 2016 with a large field of Republicans and now we are seeing it with the Democrats. The net effect is that no final candidate on either side will ever satisfy the large majority of the party and that results in more and more voters on the sideline, allowing for a minority of the population to decide the resident of the highest office in the land. And then the cycle will begin again.

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