NET R.M.A. discuss big changes for Toll 49

NET R.M.A. discuss big changes for Toll 49

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The authority in charge of Toll 49 met today to discuss several big changes coming up for drivers.

The North East Texas Regional Mobile Authority met in Henderson today and approved several items that could greatly affect the safety of drivers and the authority’s budget. One of the most pertinent items was the addition of delineators on portions of 3B and 4 of Toll 49.

Delineators are long thin orange poles that are mounted on the road to channelize traffic.

The board says they hope, by adding these delineators to the north and south portions of Interstate 20 on the toll, drivers will avoid u-turning and lane crossing.

Another item on the agenda; the board has decided to purchase roadside message boards instead of renting them when needed.

They believe by purchasing 6 boards at $17,000 apiece, compared to renting, the purchase will end up being much more cost-efficient.

The board spent $165,000 in boards last year alone.

Before, the boards read, stay safe, from NET R.M.A. Ironically, the authority ended up receiving several calls from drivers that the boards are distracting.

Now, the board plans on using the monitors for construction updates.

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