Former Dallas Cowboys, Superbowl champs visit Tyler for good cause

Former Dallas Cowboys, Superbowl champs visit Tyler for good cause

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - America’s team visited East Texas to celebrate the first preseason game of the year.

Three Superbowl champions stopped by several family-owned businesses in Tyler to show their support for the community.

Former Dallas Cowboys Lincoln Coleman, Sherman Williams and Kenny Gant wore their Superbowl championship rings to Time Square Grand Slam.

“The Dallas-Fort Worth area is spoiled because they get to see Cowboys every week," Coleman says. “Further out you don’t. So us traveling to the fans, a heck of a lot better.”

Lincoln Coleman replaced Emmitt Smith in the infamous Thanksgiving game against the Miami Dolphins in 1993.

“Everyone under 21 or 22 have never seen the Cowboys go to a seriously meaningful playoff game and especially not a Superbowl,” Coleman says.

Coleman, along with Williams and Gant, were able to share their experiences with hundreds of kids from East Texas at Tyler’s newest entertainment venue.

“Everything we do, we give back to the community, so everything we partake and bring in here, we distribute back out to the community,” Grand Slam co-owner Blake Simpson says.

Several East Texans got their pictures taken with the former players, along with the Dallas super fan “Moustacheman,” all while raising money for the Pop Warner Little Scholars.

“It gets everyone in the community involved and it just creates an awesome atmosphere where everyone can engage and see what is history and what is yet to come,” Kevin Baldwin aka “Moustacheman” says.

Charity and a little slice of history was provided by the five-time winning Superbowl champions.

Pop Warner provides football organizations for 425,000 youths ages 5 to 16.

Pop Warner Little Scholars is a non-profit organization that promotes youth football and cheer and dance programs for participants in several states and countries around the world.

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