E-sports earning skilled young video gamers money for school


LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - E-sports means video game competition and it has taken millennials, and even younger people, by storm.

Coming up later this month is FNCS (Fortnight National Championship Series), where $10 million is the prize money. Finals are in September, just like NCAA tournament.

Weeks ago a 16 year old won the Fortnight World Cup, taking home $3 million for winning it.

Joe Manns is executive director of Thirsty Minds Design and Media in Longview, and he heads a program where gaming is available for kids to play.

“But when I started introducing them, I said 'you guys can make really good money playing for say for instance, like a tournament DOTA2 or Overwatch which is another game, games like that they’ve had competition in tournaments when the prize money was like $2 million.”

James Robinson is a skilled gamer who is working to improve.

“I enjoy playing against my friends we actually had a tournament on a Super Smash Bros, it was sudden death between me and another dude. It was a money reward and something else. The thing is it came down to the last line where it was sudden death. I ran up to the dude he pulled the sickest move I’ve ever seen and kills me instantly, sudden death. I’m gone, all the way to the back of the screen," James said.

It’s more than just playing video games; scholarships are available, just like traditional sports.

“Well, if I do if I get a scholarship then my dad is going to be happy. And I mean I’m gonna be happy, of course," Dayla Schelling said.

And like any scholarship athlete, there isn’t but one way to improve.

“Mostly you got to practice playing the games, get better at the games, you know, like practice the moves until it’s second nature," James added.

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