Divers search East Texas lake for gun used in sexual assault case

Morris County Dive Team

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas dive team was in the water early this morning. They were on a mission to find a critical piece of evidence.

The Bowie County dive team converged at a lake between Hughes Springs and Avinger this morning off County Road 5199 in Cass County.

At the bridge on private lake Simpson, divers were scouring the water in a wide perimeter around the bridge.

"This is evidence that we need to have in an aggravated case,"said Hughes Springs police sergeant Jay Cates.

Police sid the effort is to find a key piece of evidence in an aggravated sexual assault case they are working. The piece of evidence is a pistol.

“Trying to find the small revolver that was thrown into the lake. It’s connected to a reported aggravated sexual assault yesterday. The suspect was apprehended yesterday,” Cates said.

The priority for the dive team is finding the weapon.

Without it investigators say, the suspect, who right now is cooperating, might well change his story.

“He was brought out here from the Cass County Jail to show us where he threw the weapon. We do need to find this weapon because it is the main piece of evidence for an aggravated charge,” the sergeant said.

With murky water, and a silt bottom, the search of the area was difficult.

“Apparently it’s a very complicated procedure. Bottom of the lake is so full of silt,” Cates said.

The suspect in this case remains unidentified but is in custody.

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