Rolling forward: Whitehouse skating rink aims to keep tradition alive

Whitehouse Skating Rink

WHITEHOUSE, TEXAS (KLTV) - Many East Texans who grew up with a local skating rink share nostalgic memories of taking laps on skates with with hit tunes blasting.

One Whitehouse business is keeping that tradition going for today’s generation.

Paradise Skate opened in February and offers roller skating family fun for all ages. One mother we spoke to told us about the benefits of skating for her family.

“You know, trying to keep my kids busy during the summer is really, really tough,” Angela Donahue said. “This is not only keeping them busy but is keeping them active. So, hopefully, they will be able to burn off some extra energy and get in shape.”

Skate Paradise is open seven days a week and located on Highway 110, just a few miles south of Tyler.

WEBXTRA: Whitehouse skating rink aims to keep tradition alive

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