Grapeland hoping Terry Ward can take Sandies to state

Grapeland hoping Terry Ward can take Sandies to state
Terry Ward coaches during a Grapeland practice

GRAPELAND, Texas (KTRE) - Grapeland hopes they found the coach that can push Grapeland football to the next level in 2019.

After 4 decades in coaching around Texas, Grapeland coach Wayne Mahaffy retired after the Sandies made it to the third round of the playoffs in 2018. The district hired Terry Ward to take over. Ward led Tenaha to a state title in 2011.

“They had an outstanding season," Ward said. "It’s pretty easy to come in. They understand football. It’s just coming in and getting my stuff in place. You don’t have to teach them how to be successful because they have had a taste of that. That part has been good. You just have to teach new stuff. They understand all the nuances to win.”

Ward is not promising anything but he does know what it takes to win a state title.

“It takes a lot, Ward said. "We have to stay healthy and have some luck on our side. They have to play.”

The players that have returned this season know Ward’s background and are excited to get on the field.

“He talked to me a lot and told me a lot of those stories," quarterback BJ Lamb said. "He told us we have to work hard. For him he is going to teach us a lot and give us a chance to be at that stadium in Dallas. We are just taking it one game at a time. it is great we are number 5 [in 2A] but it is one game at a time. We are trying to make it deep.”

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