Culture ETX: Food 'rooted in East Texas cuisine’ with international flair

A new restaurant in Tyler is hoping to bring some 'Culture' to the area

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A new restaurant is set to open in East Texas, and the owner says he wants to bring a taste of international culture to the area.

Chef Lance McWhorter says the new eatery, which he’s named Culture ETX, started as an idea for a small, intimate place that has been knocking around in his imagination for awhile, and he thought the location on the Tyler square was the perfect place for it.

“I decided to come to Tyler because it is popping. It is starting to grow, and it is starting to grow in the right way," he said. “Tyler, with the growth that it has seen, I think it is ready for some really good food, ready for some chef-driven food unlike many of the things that are offered in town.”

McWhorter says many offerings will be served tapas-style, though it won’t be limited to Spanish cuisine.

"Tapas is like a Spanish style of eating. Small plates, shared plates meant to be eaten with friends, sitting around with some wine or beer and really enjoying yourself.”

Culture ETX dining room (Source: KLTV)
Culture ETX dining room (Source: KLTV)

He says he traveled the world while in the military, and he wants to bring a sampling of those different influences to his restaurant in Tyler, in addition to items firmly rooted in East Texas cuisine.

“You may have a couple of appetizers that are Mediterranean in nature, one that is an Asian one, one that is Latin, one that is Middle Eastern and one that is just straight up old Texas. For entrees, you’re always going to have have steak, you’re always going to have fish, and you’re always going to have pork, and all those meats are going to be source from local farmers ... the best quality ingredients prepared in different ways.”

McWhorter drew inspiration from some of the places he traveled, and some of that influence will be present on Culture ETX’s menu.

Things like, "... a store front with the cured meats, a slicer, and big wooden tables. That’s where they are making their meats and cheeseboards, your charcuterie.”

If your appetite is whetted, McWhorter says they plan to open for lunch on Monday, August 12 from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. on weekdays. A few weeks later, they will start offering dinner service.

A new restaurant in Tyler is hoping to bring some 'Culture' to the area
A new restaurant in Tyler is hoping to bring some 'Culture' to the area

If you would like to learn more about Culture ETX, visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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