Troup Tigers 2-a-days underway for mental review, focus

Troup Tigers 2-a-days underway for mental review, focus

TROUP, Texas (KLTV) - To get to the glory of Friday night lights in the fall, East Texas football players have to go through grueling “2-a-days” in the hot summer sun.

Head Coach John Eastman says it’s not only about physical conditioning.

“For us it’s a lot of mental review. and really focusing on getting the kids moving a lot. A lot of tempo, trying to get them in shape,” he says.

Senior Center Antony Santamaria agrees.

“Two-a-days are all about getting ready for the season for us, to get us ready for the tempo and get us ready for the season opener.”

QB Jordan Elliott says it’s rough, but fun.

“First couple of days it’s a little rough, it’s a little hot. But besides that, you get to have fun, be with people. Spend the summer by just coming out here and doing what you like.”

Coach Eastman says the coaches are excited as much as the players are. He adds that no season is alike.

"Every year is a little different. Finding their strengths and weakness; that’s part of the challenge of coaching them.

And Santamaria sums it up by telling why he’s on the hot field every day.

“I love football. It’s my passion, you know. I put all my work into it.”

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