Kilgore snow cone business booming with hot summer weather

Snow Cones Delivered

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - As the sweltering heat of August sets in, working outside in East Texas can be draining, and any way to beat the heat is welcome.

One East Texas business man is having one of his best summers yet by providing that relief with a cold treat.

Kilgore's Charlie Walker is loving it. For his business 'Charlie's Snoballs', it's a boom.

“The humidity factor has been umphhh! In this trailer alone I’ve got 30 flavors,” he says.

"It's the best. Absolutely the best. I get two every time," said one customer.

Walker is easily the busiest man in East Texas during the summer.

“We do Skeeters on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Stemco over in Longview, Cameron over in Longview. I’ve got 2 daycares coming up in just a bit, and a concert tonight,” Charlie says.

He started with a push cart 22 years ago, and today has a main location and three trailers that he caters events with.

His business plan was simple: A cold treat on a hot day.

"It's not a snow-cone, a snow-cone is a hard grade ice. A snoball is a soft ice , just like snow," Walker says.

He has 95 flavors, including 'dill pickle'.

"It has paid the bills over the years, I've made lots of friends. I love to do things for my city. We do lots of fundraisers. I love life," says Charlie.

And in the winter, Walker switches over to hot chocolate.

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