Bullard ISD upgrades classroom doors, other safety improvements at schools

New School Safety Measures

BULLARD, Texas (KLTV) - Bullard ISD students and staff will notice some changes as they head back to school after receiving several safety upgrades.

GMET’s Brennon Gurley spoke to a teacher who is hoping to ease parents’ minds before they send their child back to school.

Marcia Leirman, 7th Grade Reading Teacher, Bullard Middle School, tells KLTV, “I think feeling safe makes me a better teacher.”

Leirman is excited about the upcoming school year, but she is constantly thinking about protecting her students.

I’ve been in schools where I did not feel safe and it’s hard to teach when you can’t protect your students. I feel like when they’re in my room they’re my responsibility, explains Leirman.

With the new school year quickly approaching, the veteran educator is being equipped with a new barricade device. District wide over 300 devices have been installed allowing each classroom an extra layer of security.

It’s going to be hard for someone to get in my door of my classroom. I feel like that gives me added time to protect my students,” says Leirman.

She Welcomes these new changes as the district enhanced their focus should an emergency situation arise.

I think it gives me the power to protect my students more than I could last year. It doesn’t give me pressure; it gives me protection,” adds Leirman.

The district’s Director of School Safety, John Jones, is taking it a step further by rolling out other safety upgrades including window protection film placed on their windows to protect students and staff.

We applied a product to our glass to those entries and most school entries are glass. In Sandy Hook, unfortunately the shooter got through the glass beside the door,” explains Jones.

The former FBI agent says they’ve added new secure entrances to two schools to better control who has access to all district buildings.

Those secure vestibules entrances will allow us to screen visitors prior to entry into our facilities. We will be able to run their ID’s and do visitors badges for them prior to entry.

Adding another school resource officer to the district is one of several new measures.

The district wants to be ready as they can for an emergency.

No school is ready for that bad day. What we’re hoping to do in Bullard is prevent that from happening. If it does, we are also taking steps to make it as small as possible,” says Jones.

When the new school year starts, districts will be required to perform 16 emergency response drills.

This includes active shooter and fire drills after the bill passed earlier this year.

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