Better East Texas: Preserving Battleship Texas

BET: Preserving Battleship Texas

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - On the heels of the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, it is easy to get a little sentimental. It is also easy to get fired up as it seems that our identity as a nation is under attack. Every week we seem to see a story about a revision in a textbook or a piece of history being removed from a public place.

And it is not always about statues. It is spiritual references, it is murals, it is all the documents that chronicle where we have come from. And, admittedly, some of it is not pretty. But enough of that rant.

One of the true Texas historical artifacts is the Battleship Texas. Located near the Houston area, it is starting to show its age – and it needs to be preserved. Thankfully, State Senator Robert Nichols authored a bill in the Texas Legislature that passed both houses and will now provide funding to rescue the famous battleship. The Battleship Texas is located at the state park commemorating the historic Battle of San Jacinto so it is worth visiting. It is the only battleship to see action in both World War I and World War II, but again, the corrosive properties of the salt water surrounding the ship are taking its toll.

So, thanks to Senator Nichols and the legislature, the ship will be repaired. If you’d like to visit the Battleship Texas, you have until the end of the year before it will be moved out of state for restoration. We need to preserve other historical sites like the Battleship Texas. It reminds us of sacrifice, leadership, and patriotism and makes for a Better East Texas.

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