Return of Travis Frederick setting the tone for Cowboys offensive line

COWBOYS CAMP: Return of Travis Frederick setting the tone for Cowboys offensive line

OXNARD, CALIFORNIA (KLTV) - If the Dallas Cowboys can get Ezekiel Elliot back they will need to have a good offensive line - which should improve with getting Travis Frederick back.

The ones who do the real hitting in the early days of training camp are the guys in the trenches. Offensive line against defensive line, that’s where the real work comes in.

Blocking for different running backs could be a challenge for a lesser group of big men.

Head Coach Jason Garrett weighed in on the line’s progress.

“Yeah they’re doing a good job. Obviously, great to have Travis back and healthy and in the middle of the lineup," Garrett said. “And L.C. Collins is doing a really good job working hard to come back from his injury last year. So to have those five guys in there - Tyron Smith, Connor, Travis, Zach and L.C. is a good unit. It’s great to see them all healthy and working together.”

Garrett also discussed team injuries and how the team has recovered.

“One of the byproducts of the injury we had last year was we had lot of other guys play for us. So Joe Looney has a lot of experience under his belt now as a starter so I think that upgrades our second unit,” Garrett said.

A bonus for the Cowboys’ offensive line is the return of Frederick at center. He set out last season with an immune deficiency illness and a shoulder surgery and he is progressing very well back in training camp.

When you have a player of his stature back in the lineup it makes for a much smoother execution for the run game.

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