Huge bee colony (and free honey) removed from East Texas woman’s home

Kilgore woman talks about massive beehive found in home

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas homeowner has lived with an enormous insect problem in the wall of her home for years.


The Kilgore area homeowner says the huge honey-bee colony had created a constant buzzing noise night and day.

The crawling mass has been living inside the walls of Annette Wiley’s home off of Highway 279.

"I have been stung today, one time on my ear and one on my eye," she says.

Wiley says the bees have been a problem for years.

"Workers tried to smoke them out, put a box up and try to suck them out with a vacuum, nothing worked. And when they closed the hole up they would come in my house, they came through the outlets," Annette says.

She finally found beekeeper Ray Dickerson for the solution: Remove the queen and relocate the hive.

“It ain’t nothing to go to a house and they’ll have four or five swarms of bees in the springtime. When they swarm they’ll go down the wall and just go back in. I just remove the bees when people have got them, and sell a little honey and buy my supplies,” Ray says.

Dickerson says from the look of the hive it’s about 4-to-5 years old, and he estimates 40,000 bees are in it.

Everyone Wiley has called has suggested exterminating them, but that's not what she wanted.

“I called everyone, and they all wanted to kill them, but I tried to find someone who wanted the bees for the honey,” she says.

“Bees started disappearing real bad and I don’t know why. It’s called colony collapse. You go out there you got a full hive of bees, a few days later you go back they’re all gone, nobody knows why,” Dickerson says.

"I don't need but one queen inside this house," Wiley says.

A side benefit: Wiley got some free honey, and Dickerson got a new colony of bees he hopes will help grow the population.

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