Facebook group helps teachers clear wish lists for classroom supplies

‘A lot of the giving is stranger to stranger’

Teacher Supplies

RUSK, Texas (KLTV) - Teachers are always looking for ways to make their classrooms better. While most school districts provide an allowance for classroom supplies, many teachers still have to dig into their own pockets for those extra items.

Thanks to a Facebook group, that challenge has become easier for teachers across the country, as well as right here in East Texas.

“A teacher in Texas actually started it up and she suggested that she would share her wish list and other teachers would share their lists and we would buy stuff for each other,” said Jenni Cudd, a pre-k teacher at G.W. Bradford Primary School in Rusk. “A lot of the giving is stranger to stranger."

“Our district provides us with money for our classroom, but we go to this training all summer and we’re like, ‘oh I want to implement that!’ And you want to start off the year with it so you end up using your own money to implement these things,” added first grade teacher Shirley Goldsberry.

Rusk Elementary School teacher Christi Starkey joined many other teachers this week in ‘clearing the list.' She says a generous ‘somebody’ decided to purchase all the remaining items on her wish list.

“I was just so overjoyed,” Starkey said.

Some of the teachers say it’s almost like Christmas at they give and receive supplies that will ultimately make a difference.

“One of my former bridesmaids is becoming a teacher, so I gifted her something for her first classroom,” said 2nd grade teacher Alexis Jinkins. “It’s supposed to arrive today!”

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