Coach Garrett discusses Cowboys’ wide receiver: ‘We’re excited about Amari’

COWBOYS CAMP: Wide receiver Amari Cooper talks about his first training camp with the Cowboys

OXNARD, CA (KLTV/KTRE) - Without making judgement of Zeke Elliott’s holdout, Amari Cooper says he’s willing to come to camp and run routes and that holding out isn’t for him.

After all, this is his first Cowboys summer training camp, having joined the team in a mid-season trade from Oakland last years.

Coach Jason Garrett, a former quarterback, knows receivers and gushes about number 19.

“We’re excited about Amari; I’ve been around football for a long time, and I thought what he did last year, transitioning to a new team in the middle of the season, was remarkable. I think it goes to the kind of guy he is, he loves football, works very hard at it. He’s a very smart guy and has a really high football IQ,” Garrett said.

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